STEP project vending machines that provide necessities to the citizens. These machines have no apparent maintenance crews, but mysteriously stay in repair and fully and freshly stocked.


  • Mr. Vendy machines provide food, drink, and any other every day non-luxury items. They offer ration bars and water for free. Luxury goods are available, though they can be very pricey.
    • Vendy Bars are the free rations. Nearly inedible and containing 100% necessary vitamins, minerals, and just enough energy to sustain life, Ingesting large quantities can slightly boost nutritional value, but is also, unfortunately, super gross.
Tumblr mcikesQ7sB1qmj3m3o3 250

A Mr. Vendy pizza

  • Dr. Vendy machines can cure illnesses, heal wounds, or provide other medical materials and equipment. These machines are free to use for life threatening injuries, but become more expensive for more 'optional' treatments (Broken arm ain't gonna kill ya).

Some citizens claim that the Dr. Vendy's are haunted.
Dr. Vendys are not a toy, Dr. Vendys are property of the Study and Testing of Experimental Populations Project, Dr. Vendys are not meant for use by more than one set of DNA, Dr. Vendys are blah blah blah tl;dr.
Both Dr. Vendys and Mr. Vendy's play tunes from a seemingly random, endless selection of often grating jingles. No one is really sure why they do that...

Sailor Moon (Moon Prism Power, Make Up)00:43

Sailor Moon (Moon Prism Power, Make Up)

Welcome To The Circus Of Value!00:06

Welcome To The Circus Of Value!


Healing Pokemon Sound00:04

Healing Pokemon Sound


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