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Example of a group throwdown.

The typical method of settling differences between two people or parties, throwdowns are violent or non-violent dance or music battles between steppers.
For friendly matches, a neutral judge (city provided DJ Bot) will decide the victor and award monetary prizes, known as Cred.

Otherwise, the two parties (either group or individual) will dance until one side concedes, is put out of commission, or is killed. Stakes, if any, are offered at the beginning of each match.

Montreal Swing Riot 2014 - Invitational Battle Part 3 - Crossover & Finals14:04

Montreal Swing Riot 2014 - Invitational Battle Part 3 - Crossover & Finals

Types of Dance BattlesEdit

Throwdown  Edit

(also called Serve, as in 'You got served.')

The challenger approaches the opponent without warning and serves them by performing a dance. The opponent can chose to serve back in equal or better quality dance. They continue taking turns serving until one side is defeated or delivers a sub-par serve.

Dance Off Edit

"Dance, Duplicate, Elaborate." The first player performs a dance move. The opponent performs this move and then adds his own to the sequence. The first player then dances his first move, the opponent’s move, then adds a third. The sequence continues until one side fails a move or is defeated.

Dance Combat Edit

The most fierce and least structured of dance competitions. It is essentially a fist fight that also implements dance moves to attack, dodge, or activate Vibe. Weapons may be used unless otherwise stated.


Cheating, intervening in a competition in progress, or any other sort of major interruption of these competitions is the most sacrilegious act conceivable. The offender will be put to death in the most cruel and groovy way possible.

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