The U.G. (The Underground)Edit

The UG is about survival, freedom, and vengence. The UG value their independence highly, and will come down hard on anyone who denies them it.

The UG welcome all styles of dance and music, but are less tolerant of disco due to their history of fighting The Funk Mafia. In the past, many UG held a spiritual stance on vibe and dancing, but much of that has faded since The War of '99.

The UG is a faction that was founded to fight oppression. As such, they are slow to forgive, and even slower to forget.

The Orange District Edit

  • OPP - UG Club and hub for blackmarket deals

History Edit

The UG was just another gang until Funk Mafia aggression forced them to become strong.

Foundation: Crime, Slums, and Rebellions

Credit is often given to Greg Dorian for starting The UG, but in reality, he was just the one to make it big.

In the chaos after V-Day, the Orange District was simply a crime-infested slum teeming with gangs, including the fledgeling UG.

Life in the Orange District was hard. At no point was this more true than during the the Scientist's Rebellion, in which STEP scientists unaffected by the Vibe planned to stop the vibe frequencies entirely. They took over Step Tower in the Research District and cut off power and supplies, resulting in city wide starvation and a severe lack of tunes.

Greg Dorian, along with Funk Mafia founder James Cornell, stopped the rebellion.

They were heroes throughout the city. Dorian went to aid the Orange District, while Cornell stayed in the Purple District to found the Funk Mafia.

Rise to Power: Fighting the Mafia Threat Edit

The UG became the largest Orange District gang when Greg Dorian settled there and invested into the community with the construction of the Deck, a club and safehouse. This became very important as the Funk Mafia became more aggressive.

Dorian found The UG crew, who by then were actively fighting the Mafia. He took up their cause, trained them, and gave them everything they needed to fight Funk Mafia oppression. With the Deck’s owner behind them, it wasn’t long before the member count steadily grew, and had numbers to rival their enemy.

The War of '99 Edit

After months of escalating violence and skirmishes all throughout the city, The Funk Mafia and The UG had a final, large-scale confrontation, The Dance War of '99

During the war, many UG, including Greg Dorian, perished, as did the Funk Mafia leader James Cornell. The UG took much longer to reorganize than the Mafia. Old loyalties to other gangs and clique warfare made chosing a leader difficult. Despite the chaos, Steven O-Rizzle was eventually voted the new leader of the Underground.