The Funk MafiaEdit

The mafia is about sophistication, discipline, and control. Mafioso value skill and vibe power, and steppers with those two things are given the respect they deserve. Or else.

In the past, disco was the Mafia's favored style, but since the War of '99 and the death of many disco dancers, ballroom dancing has become popular. Because of this shift, the mafia has developed more tolerance to non-disco styles in general.

Some mafioso think of their organization as a family. You mess with one of them, all their relatives come knocking. At your face. With iron knuckles.

The Purple District Edit

History Edit

The Funk Mafia was the first major faction.

Foundation: The Scientist's Rebellion Edit

The Mafia was founded by ex-scientist turned disco-er James Cornell, after the Scientist's Rebellion, in which STEP scientists unaffected by the Vibe planned to stop the vibe frequencies entirely. They took over Step Tower in the Research District and cut off power and supplies, resulting in city wide starvation and a severe lack of tunes.

James Cornell, along with UG founder Greg Dorian, stopped the rebellion.

They were heroes throughout the city. Dorian left to aid the Orange District, while Cornell stayed in the Purple District to found the Funk Mafia and become the first Don.

Rise to Power: Corruption Edit

The Mafia's original purpose was to gather elite steppers to locate any remaining enemies of the vibe and stop them from ever threatening it, or the city, again.

However, although Don Cornell was a charismatic hero, he was a whimsical, corrupt leader. Under his rein, bosses came and went as his mood fit him, and the noble goal of protecting the city was soon lost in the chaos.

Still, the Funk Mafia grew.

It began to harass all remaining in the Research District until they submitted completely. Once the Research District was dominated, the mafia set their eyes on the dirty, ungroovy masses in the Orange district, some with the noble intention of saving them, others merely wanting more territory, more underlings, and more power.

As the Funk Mafia became more aggressive, the resistance group The UG gained support and became more powerful to combat them.

The War of '99 Edit

After months of escalating violence and skirmishes all throughout the city, The Funk Mafia and The UG had a final, large-scale confrontation, The Dance War of '99

During the war, many high ranking Mafioso, including Don Cornell, perished, as did the UG leader Greg Dorian. A very brief battle for superiority ensued, after which Boss Bonita was declared the new Don. In the year following, Don Bonita has focused on rebuilding the ranks and training new Steppers to rebuild the faction's strength.