The Factory

A anti-mafia club that specializes in various genres of techno, metal, and industrial music.

The club is located south of the city in a abandoned factory on UG turf. It was previosly mafia owned but it was taken forcefully by rebels. The factory produced vinyl records and copied old Mafia genre music that were worth thousands. This club has no running AC or heaters so placement of dances can change. In the summer it is usually in the back of the factory where there are gates surrounding a very large area around inactive generators. Fall and spring is when everyone is inside with windows open, concrete floors, and louder sounds. Winter events are held in the basements of the factory, where boilers and heavy machinery are. Everything is inactive except the stereo equipment brought in that is powered by electric and energy vibe users.

The staff at The Factory is large in numbers and have requirements to join. Staff must:

-provide a source of energy to keep electricity or utilities flowing

-Have strength to lug equipement around and handle crowds

-Either nullify or soothe crowds

-Have no connection whatsoever to the Mafia (no frienships, love, or family)

-Never had taken fonk before

Food, drink, merch, and other fun stuff is sold in a shop set up in the offices of the factory.

The Factory guidelines follows as:

-No fonk

-No cheating during battles

-No mafia music

-No dress clothes (Unless you're a robot built in with them on)

-21+ only

-Smoking only outside events

Some events that happen in The Factory are:

-Burn Night: When Vinyl's are found or any mafia remnants, they gather a large stack of thos eitems and burn it as if it was a burning man concert. People dance around that fire and add to it with purple objects. Sometimes dead bodies that banditios found.

-Music 101: Music from the 80's and up that have nothing to do with the Funk. It's all about loving the origins of rebellious music.

-TAG!Battle: Got graffiti skill? Come on down where there will be several catwalks along the factory's walls and make graffiti! Once done, people will come into the factory and dance in whatever room captures their hearts most. Winner get's bragging rights and $1000 cred.

More will come...