The Duck

  • Name: The Duke
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human(?)
  • Class: ?


The party met the Duke during their second adventure, Bremon & Goblin Clan. He later sent the party to retrieve four bottles of emotion from Soldshort Manor in their third adventure.

In their fourth adventure, he gave the party the task to kill the lion headed rackshasa, but things have gotten slightly fishy with the Duke, who appears to be in league with the rackshasa.

Character RelationshipsEdit

The Main Party:Despite some of the disrepect he recieved, the Duke appeared to be a pleasant, though strange employer... Until the fourth adventure, where he tried to burn down the Snapdragon and the party along with it.

Priestess Shandrel: The two seemed to have a normal, professional relationship, until the fourth adventure, when it became apparent that the Duke is controling the priestess.

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