Some Drunk Harold and Frankie short crack RP thing.

Frankie What is Mr. Brown like drunk o c o

Mr. Brown: talkative

Frankie eeee


  • Frankie “Harooolddd read me romantic ppoooetryyy pleashhh”
  • Mr. Brown “Considering you are a simpleton, I’m assuming you’re not talking about the romantic period.” Hand on hip. He waves the other hand about. “Anyone can write a love poem. Pah!”
  • Frankie “Haroold why’re you beein meaaan I jush wanna hear you talk pre-eyy…”
  • Mr. Brown “If I make up a ~love poem~ on the spot for you, you will cry and get all confused because you’re a ridiculous man”
  • Frankie pouts. “Nooo I won’. Yer a jerk alrigh’. Ok…. Pleash?”
  • Mr. Brown moves around like a Shakespearean actor, albeit a tipsy one. “Oh man who dances like Fred Astaireeeeee, the man with the golden hair. Give me your gaze, your touch, your glow. So I wait,” he booms. “Let your light fall on me like snow, let the sorrows be banished, woe, vanish from my dark heart. And I wait”
  • Mr. Brown puts a hand to his forehead “Lost forever in the darkness, But I wait.”
  • Mr. Brown bows
  • Frankie tries really hard not to get weepy ‘cause he /said/ he wouldn’t but it’s haaaard and he’s real, real drunk. He leaaanns over to Harold. “Shee now… that wash jus… jush beaut’fulll.” He sniffles but /does/ not cry, and instead takes the poet up in a heavy embrace.
  • Mr. Brown BY
  • Frankie ;///u///;