Stepcity's isolation has lead to some unique versions of familiar stories, as well as original literature of it's own.

Step City Takes on ClassicsEdit

Goldilocks and the Three Rappers - Goldilocks was a bandito. After she broke into an unlocked home, she stole the food, broke the chairs, and slept in the beds. In the end, she got eaten by vibe-bear users.

Cinderella - Was forbidden by her hideous Jamdeaf step-sisters from going to the big party at the discotheque, until her Fairy God Stepper came and gave her the sweetest moves at the ball.

The New Testament - Though some steppers have embraced the Vibe as a religion it itself, many Christian steppers have found their faith does not conflict with their music.

Step City OriginalsEdit

The Pirate Story - The tale of Captain Crossbones, Jean Luc "the French one", and the young boy who joins their pirate crew. An unfinished children's story by Mister Harold Brown. (Read the log here)

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