An entire street within Purple District devoted very multiculturally to every tea and tea culture you could conceivably dream of. Almost every shop is unique in its own way. That's not to say there aren't duplicates, but too many similar shops doesn't fair well for business.

British Tea HousesEdit

Mulberry Tea Estates

Orchid Thistle Tea House


Chaseki Tea

Chabana Zashiki

Street Carts and VendorsEdit

Southern Sweeties Co. (sells iced teas, most heavily sweetened; seasonal, during the summer months only)

Burmese Pickled Tea (has a cat mascot)

Noon-Chai (owner also owns a venue that sells diverse boiled tea drinks, such as noon chai, kahwah, troq chai and butter tea; cart is seasonal, but has recently been offering iced chai beverages during the summer months)

Goor Goor Tea Cart (seasonal, selling Tibetan butter tea during the winter months only)

Russia, Turkey, India, China, Moroccan Weaves & Leaves, Bubble Tea, there is also a tea fortune teller shop

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