Not an official faction, but a term for unaligned citizens. They are often treated as second class citizens, especially outside the research district.

Squares often have an underdeveloped Vibe, or may even be Jamdeaf, though powerful steppers have been known to choose to be Square. Many are actively sought after for recruitment or apprenticed if they show promise.

Territory: The Research District Edit

As a group of people designated by the absence of being in an organized faction, Squares have no official headquarters.

Squares do tend to stay in the Research District, as far as they can get from judgemental mafioso and gangsters, pressures to join said judgemental dancers' side, or the dangerous dance battles between them. This trend has persisted so long that the area has also come to be known as the Square District or the Grey District.

Because many squares are vibeless and shunned by society, the population is fairly poor, and the lack of wealth is apparent in the district.

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