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The End is Nigh

The Solar Flare event started in April 2012 and went on through September 2012. It was directly followed by the Flashback Event

The Vibe had never been this chaotic since V-Day. Hazards include power outages, radiation, and radical vibe alteration. The seven months of vibe instability took a toll on all the citizens of Step City.

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List of flare effects.Edit

  1. You are now Jamdeaf.
  2. Your powers are half as powerful as normal
  3. Your powers have a 25% chance of backfiring onto yourself or a nearby ally. (roll 1d4, 1 = backfire)
  4. Your powers are now out of control.
  5. Your powers exhaust your vibe twice as much as normal.
  6. Your powers move/activate slowly. There's a 10% failure chance (roll 1d10, 1 = nothing happens)
  7. Your powers are now twice as powerful
  8. Your powers now consume half as much vibe as normal.
  9. You gain a power in addition to your normal one. (Generate a random power here)
  10. Your vibe has an additional side effects of your choosing.(Ie - Your vibe stuns targets a few seconds)
  11. Your vibe area of affect is larger. Powers requiring contact can be used at range, on multiple targets.
  12. Your powers perform the opposite of the intended effect, or invert. (Fire vibe => Ice vibe or water vibe)
  13. Your power is replaced by something completely different.
  14. Your powers also affect the nearest person, whether it be a fire attack vibe or transformation vibe.
  15. You are now immune to vibe effects. Your vibe powers can no long affect other people.
  16. Your vibe requires physical contact. If it worked this way, they are now long range and you will suffer painful/sdistracting feedback.
  17. All vibe attacks and effects against you are half as effective
  18. Touching someone swaps your vibes. It can only happen once every 15 minutes. The relative strength of your powers remain.
  19. Vibe effects within a 20 foot radius of you now target you instead of the intended target(s).
  20. Reroll twice. Combine the effects. (If effects contradict, nothing happens. Your vibe now acts normally)
  21. You now project a null zone that makes everyone in a 100ft radius Jamdeaf, yourself included.
  22. You have vibe amnesia. You don't remember which vibe powers anyone has.
  23. Your vibe now looks different. Your vibe acts normally aside from it's appearance.
  24. Your song or dance style of choice no longer generate vibe .Choose a new style or go vibeless.
  25. Using your vibe now distorts your senses. (Blurred vision, ears ringing, etc; Choose at least one)
  26. Your vibe now causes you intense pain.
  27. Replace your powers with this.


  • You can randomly gain powers instead of the below vibe effects (or in addition to powers you obtain)