''RP Summary.''

'''Initial Setting''':



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RP Log Insert Time!

  1. To make a new page for ar roleplay log, start with Add a page button
  2. Choose blank page
  3. When making your new page for roleplay logs, insert the above code while in Source mode (top right corner in the toolbar).
  4. After that, you can either stay in Source mode or return to Visual mode to paste/edit your log.
  5. To include your log in the main Roleplay log page, add RP to your new page's categories.To include your log in the Adult Roleplay log page, add Adult RP instead.

  • Very optional, the 'Insert/Remove Bulleted List' button in Visual mode is a nice way to divide up giant rp text walls & make them easier to read. (It gives you a separating bullet like the one on this paragraph)

Good Luck! If you need help, QQ is here for you <3