• Name: Shandrel
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Drow
  • Class: Oracle
  • Deity: Sharess (Chaotic Good) Hedonism, sensual fulfillment, festhalls, cats
  • Homeland: Underdark


The party met Shandrel during their second adventure, when they went to meet with the head priestess of the Sharess temple.

The drow tasked the party to find and capture her brother, Bremon. At the time, Shandrel was also seen with The Duke, whos chaotic emotions Shandrel was able to calm.

During this adventure, Yuki and Shandrel began a relationship after a bit of diplomacy went very right.

As of their fourth adventure, Yuki was informed that Shandrel was leaving 'forever' and not to follow him, which made finding Shandrel in the Duke's secret Velen Keep study all the more confusing.

Though he claimed to be held against his will, the presence of the Duke silenced his pleas for freedom. After Game 26, it was revlaed to Yuki that the Duke has tricked Shandrel and placed an obedience spell on him

Character Relationships Edit

Yuki: After the party's second adventure, Yuki started seeing the drow priestess regularly. Their relationship became very serious, until the day Yuki got a message from Shandrel saying he was leaing forever.

The Duke: Originally, he appeared to simply be Shandrel's superior, owing to the fact he's the Duke of city Shandrel worked, but by the fourth adventure the party has discovered that the Duke is likely controlling the priest.

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