Frankie makes a request of the Don.


The Don's private chamber.


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  • Frankie “Excuse me. Don.”
  • DonBonita tilts her head just so slightly towards Frankie to show she was listening.
  • Frankie “Don. I am going to kill Phoenix. I would like your blessing. Please.”
  • DonBonita takes a drag from her cigar and exhales, "No."
  • Frankie ..."Why not?"
  • DonBonita "He is valuable to me. To the Mafia. You won't hurt him."
  • Frankie "He attacked our own."
  • DonBonita "I've heard. I will deal with him myself."
  • Frankie is prepared to leave the faction over this matter. He's not here to fawn and scrap and bow. "…You will ensure he won't harm Jack Daily ever again?"
  • DonBonita "She will be under my personal care."
  • Frankie ...That was not what he had asked. But if the Don promised this. Well. "Thank you, Don. I cannot tell you what this means to me."
  • DonBonita blows a smoke ring and remains quiet and unreadable for a long moment. "If such an occurrence happens again... I will give you permission."
  • Frankie …If such occurrences happened again-?! Frankie would tear the entire city apart- Frankie stands very still, but his fists clench and he sparks. "Bo..."
  • DonBonita "Though I do not believe it will happen again, once I'm through with him. I will teach him to behave. Do not doubt my judgment."
  • Frankie looks emptily at the Don. "I apologize. I did not, nor have I ever doubted you." He bows very, very deeply.
  • DonBonita snuffed out her cigar. "I know, Frankie." She offers her hand for him to kiss.
  • Frankie straightens, and in a slow, fluid motion he takes her hand and gently brushes his lips against it.
  • DonBonita smirks so very faintly. Her fingers slip away from his once she is satisfied. She strokes his face tenderly with the back of her fingers. "You've always served me well, Frankie. Thank you."
  • Frankie's sparks from earlier are only a distant memory now as the Don strokes him. "It is my pleasure to serve you, Don." Though it crosses his mind (how could it not?), he does not make any move toward her. He was here for one thing only. Nothing else.
  • DonBonita pats his cheek once. "Very good. You may leave." She crosses her legs and leans back in her throne.
  • Frankie bows once more, and backs out of the room. He is the picture of respect and servility, but his face is emotionless.