A heavy-set man originally from Cuba, and the club owner of Rubix . His vibe is not particularly powerful, but has gifted him with a set of large, sturdy ram's horns. Though this horned appearance can make him seem like a threat, he is probably one of the slowest to anger people you'll ever meet. He knows when to pick his fights, and most aren't worth the time. It's nice having an extra bit of intimidation on your side though, for when patrons get particularly rowdy. No-one gets kicked out of Rubix, though a rare few have been headbutted out the door.

His name is actually Leodanis Perez, though nobody's called him that since he worked for the tiny square-owned hole in the wall called Tobias Audio. The venue really didn't turn much of a profit beyond keeping itself afloat, but Leodanis took over the business when the actual Tobias kicked the big one. It was that or unemployment. The place did better afterward, sad as that is.

The owner's name was assumed to be his, and eventually he stopped correcting people.

It wasn't until coming into enough money to change venues that he opened up Rubix , and is hoping to continue his dream of owning a real dance club in the coming years. With the loss of Eclipse, it's a much-needed venue.

Only legitimate business: He was getting tired of people trying to use his place as a pawn shop - after all, you can only do so much to ensure your wares weren't originally stolen. If that means taking measures to ensure his club remains neutral, that is the way Mr. Tobias will keep it.

His rules come across a lot more dourly than his demeanour. Leodanis prefers to get on with handling things and save the "huff, puff, and blow down your house" seriousness for when it's actually of use.

His club is currently hiring.

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