She got a hair cut. stupid solar flares...


  • aka: The Mermaid
  • Sex: yes please
  • Age: 30s (SHE'S 34 SHHHH)
  • Height: 5'7 without heels
  • Occupation: Aqualux owner, BAUSS
  • Faction: Funk Mafia



A teenage Nina and her migrant worker parents arrived in Step City circa 83'. She spent her teenage years living in the orange district, that is if she would if she wasn't spending her days at the pool and her nights sneaking into parties. Some things never change...


Miss Nina is a flirt, a real little charmer. Cracking tits- I mean smile and the bluest of eyes. she might carry herself as a real lady in refined company but get a lot of drink down her or see her behind doors and this lady is a tramp. She’ll decorate her sentences with the word “fuck” a lot and drops nearly all the letters. She likes using old timey slang with new stuff, often makes her own portmanteaus. remix the old and the new.

Dance \ Vibe styleEdit

Nina has a water vibe, she can control liquids. While she can't just make water appear out of nowhere she can just feel where it is, sorta like a sixth sense. The closest she can get to "summoning" water is to use a lot vibe to drain moisture from the air and merge into a ball. Her favourite thing to do is pour a drink out without moving the bottle. While she can control it with her mind she likes wiggling a finger/making gestures to move liquids. To create the illusion that she can breathe underwater she makes gaps/bubbles in the water to breathe.

Her Dance style is taking the old and give it a kick. She loves vintage/retro stuff and giving it a bit of a modern twist. Her favourite genre is electro-swing and basically vintage/electro. the love of electro might have been influenced by her UG side upbringing. She knows swing styles, (adores the crazy upbeat lindy hop stuff). mixing some more modern dance moves into the mix. She can also ‘dance’ underwater, think synchronised swimming meets burlesque.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • her vibe makes her eyes appear blue. Her natural eye colour is grey
  • Her body is mostly natural, if she didn’t have the boobs she would be pear shaped. baby got back.
  • Likes sheer/see through clothing, not afraid to show off skin.