Purple DistrictEdit

Bratva Ballet - Theatre and Dance Studios, Run by Sergei and Madeleine Shafirov-Noverre

Dove's Den - A swank establishment run by the surviving Daily Brothers

The Eclipse - Funk Mafia owned neutral club, Run by Phoenix

Elements!- Funk Mafia Ballroom Dance Studio, Run by the Malitowski family

Fever - Funk Mafia Hospital turned Club, Run by Jezebel Jo

The Firehouse - Funk Mafia owned Jazz and Blues club, Run by Joel Rivers

Looka - A low key Funk Mafia lounge, formerly run by Bonita

Mauve's- Funk Mafia Hot Dog Joint.

Steep Avenue - A street lined intirely by tea shops

Orange DistrictEdit

  • OPP: UG Club and hub for blackmarket deals, Run by Boss Das

The Clinique - Clinic owned by the late Shandrel

Grinding - UG Coffee House, Employs Muffy

Iron Lotus - A tattoo parlour located right up near Lightning Street, owned by the notorious bandita Bit

Rollin' - UG Drink Bar, Run by André Walnut

WAFFLE NOMS - Popular UG Diner

Research District (aka Gray or Square) & OtherEdit

  • Step Tower: Each of the two keycards needed to access this building are held by the opposing faction leaders, Don Bonita and Steve-O-Rizzle. Who knows if anyone will step into this building ever again?

Chubby Checkers - A cute little bakery, well-renown for its pastries

Club Rubix: - "A neutral establishment" owned and run by Mr. Tobias (npc owned by pthalo, may get apped)

Le Conservatoire de STEP -  A neutral studio owned by Ardette Bombaerts

Lightning Street - The zigzagging street that divides Purple District from Orange District

Mr. Doughey's Bakery - A warm and vibrant pastry shop, once owned by Mr. Doughey himself, but is now handed down and run by Jack Orphen

Swan Song - Square lounge, Run by Sigurd L. Reinhart