Self employed SCPD

  • Full Name: Laug Forbes
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 29
  • Theme Songs:

"When Your Mind's Made Up"

"Falling Slowly"

" Leave"

  • Occupation: Self employed peace maker/ Vigilante / Police officer
  • Faction: Step city police department / None /SQUARE?


Mother - Deceded
Father- Hospitalized
Sister - Alive - Abroad


Born - October 11

14 Decided he wanted to either be a police officer or a fireman 19 Final stages of SC Police academy at

24 he graduated and got his badge and number in the middle of the vibe madness before the major stations fell to faction uprising.



Dance \ Vibe styleEdit



Laron Fitch: He carried some bags for him one day, he seems rather withdrawn. He's heard rumors of this man, Luag feels caution is a good action choise around Laron.

Frankie Valentine: Met him, nothing more to report on the matter.

Phoenix : The man attacked in in what seemed to be a drug enduced fit. Swiftly taken to jail for a night to cool down. He seems very reserved and Luag is weary of him.




Sigurd L. Reinhart: Since he worked in Step City and he regrounded his work Sigurd is his first friend that so far hasn't tried to stab him in the back or steal from him. He takes comfort that he can have conversations with this induvidual. Still rather uneasy at times, but cares for him.

Dr. Maria Strife: A doctor he met one evening on a patrol, she had been the vctim of a near mugging. Luag is excited to getto know this woman more and possibly ask her about her experiences between the factions, medical knowlege and maybe find a friend with her also.

Misc infoEdit

  • Forbes' voice is a really weird tone that can't be pinned on a singer.. not really. It's like a strange mix of my own accent (Scottish-Glaswegian), with Glen Hansard and Chet Bakers talking voice. Lower tone/vocal range doesn't glide to a higher pitch so well.
  • As he's totally untrained vocally.
  • He will only really sing for his friends, never underpressure.
  • He does drink, doesn't smoke.