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This character is deceased.
  • Full Name: James Cornell
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 42 at time of death
  • Theme Song:
  • Occupation: The Don and founder of the Funk Mafia. (Succeeded by Don Bonita)
  • Faction: Funk Mafia




Absolutely self centered. Although the Mafia was formed to stave off the Scientist threat, once that was over it's purpose was only to serve his own needs. He doesn't think he is better than everyone else- He knows he is better than everyone else.

He is quick to lose his temper and tends to lash out immediately at anyone who angers him. He can control his temper if it would benefit him to do so. However, because of his immense power and status he can typically lash out as much as he damn well pleases with out consequences.

Despite the above points, he's a terrific liar and charismatic enought to gain the loyalty of many of his mafiosos. For those who cannot be won over through charm or trickery, he uses fear to keep them under his thumb.

Dance \ Vibe styleEdit

James dances the jive and jitterbug with some rock and roll influence. Early rock and roll, not that modern crap and NEVER punk rock. He prefers singing and playing guitar to all out dancing, but given his vibe level he is extremely talented either way.

He has a variety of powers of a ghostly theme.

He can make himself intangible to pass though physical material. He can make certain parts of body tangible or intangible at any time, even when phased through things. Anything around his body will be displaced when he becomes tangible again. When he is intangible, most vibe effects pass right through him, though some will still affect him to a lesser degree.

He can also astral project his hands and eyes to long distances. These ghost hands can become tangible and intangible in the same way he himself can. He can control 2 with no additional effort, but the more hands he summons the more strain it puts on him. These hands are a lot stronger than his actual ones. His ghost eyes operate similarly, however they cannot become physical. The eyes act as remote cameras, feeding him everything they see and hear. If anyone makes eye contact with them, they will disappear.

He can also leave his body entirely and possess another being, but it leaves him completely vulnerable.

He can levitate above the ground and glide through the air but cannot truly fly.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

-There is a safe room deep inside the Mothership that he created to keep his body in while he performed more difficult projections or possessed another body.

-He had a "band" called JC and the Moonlight Crooners. The other members of the band often changed a lot depending on his mood, who was pleasing him the most at present, who had angered him, who was most powerful - mostly on his whims.