Ink Profile2

Player: Tang
Name: Inkyung "Ink" Lee
Gender: Female
Age: ??

Height: Varies by age ( 5'0)
Weight: Varies by age ( 102lb)

Theme Song: Juicebox

Occupation: Volunteer at the orphanage as a music teacher

Faction: Roller Bandito



Inks appearance when first found at the orphanage.

Ink doesn't recollect anything but her name and vibe since she was found unconscious in front of the Research District orphanage in X099, at the very end of the Dance War.

Since then she had been taken in as an orphan and has had a fairly easy-going life, joining the Roller Banditos and gaining interest in mischief and gymnastics.

She now supports the orphanage by educating the other orphans music and just helping around overall.


  • A prankster, thief, and overall mischief maker. Loves to pickpocket, steal, and cause trouble.
  • Extremely curious
  • Uses her gymnastics to climb to the roofs of buildings and do crazy things like jump from roof to roof. Also good for quick getaways...
  • A bit on the spontaneous side; a risk-taker; adventurous
  • Wears her shades 24/7, even indoors. (Except when she's working in the orphanage)
  • Has a sweet-tooth and an obsession with shiny things
  • Loves children
  • Is usually friendly to everyone regardless of faction, but steals more often from the Mafia since they're so prissy and rich.

Dance \ Vibe styleEdit


Ink finds that doing some of her gymnastics activities and floor routines helps her to focus and control her age manipulation vibe, though it's not required to activiate it. Though it's a perfect combination when she's gotta flee from certain situations.


Ink has age manipulation vibe, meaning that she can change her own age at will. A subpower for this is that her clothes also expand or contract to fit her body among various ages. When she takes them off though, they revert back to their original size. She does become fatigued after a while of constant age-changing.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Ink teaches the orphans and helps around the orphanage in her young adult body. She feels that she has the most energy in that body.
  • Enjoys playing with kids in her kid body instead of any other age. Kids like playing with other kids!
  • Ink will occasionally sneak out late at night in her adult body and go to bars and night clubs to drink, get high, and partayyy.
  • Her hair stays the same length even when she changes ages.

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