The Hackett Operating System Supervisor -Edit

Named for its creator Madison Hackett - is the virtual intelligence core of Step City. It's mainframe is located deep underground in the basements of Step Tower. It manages all of the automated things in the city.

There is a sect of hobos in Step Tower that revere it as a vengeful god.


Hoss is our friendly IRC bot who tells us he loves us at one moment and trolls us the next.

Here is a list of commands you can type into chat to make Hoss do stuff!

The ` you use is not the same that gives you " by pressing shift. On most keyboards, it is ~ but without the shift key. You don't need to use the exact capitalization shown, but spaces (or lack of) and punctuation is necessary.

(Add more if you know them!)


  • I love you hoss OR ilu hoss (Hoss will respond appropriately)
  • I hate you hoss OR ihu Hoss (Hoss will express his feelings on the matter)
  • I'm going to sleep (Hoss will tuck you in)
  • DROP A PHAT BEAT FOR ME HOSS (Hoss will provide)
  • Motivate ___ (Hoss will give ____ a pep talk)
  • roll #d# (Rolls a dice. The first # is the amount of dice you want rolled, the second # is the number of sides. Want to roll two 6-sided die? Roll 2d6)
  • `table (Hoss will help you express your anger)
  • `magic (MAGIC!)
  • `otp ____ x ____ (input two names for ___ & ___ and Hoss will tell you their relationship. You can use 'random' instead of a name to select randomly from those in the chatroom: `otp TheDon x random )
  • `fortune (Hoss gives you cryptic advice about the future)
  • `flip (Flips a coin, heads or tails)
  • `spin (Spins a 'bottle' to select a random person in the chatroom)
  • `deckofmanythings (Hoss will give you a card.)
  • `dick (Dicks everywhere)
  • `dispenser (Hoss will offer you a refreshing drink)
  • `draw _____ (Hoss will give you a drawing prompt for said character)
  • `draw2 ____ x _____ (Hoss will give you a drawing prompt for two characters)
  • `duke (DUKE NUKEM)
  • `roll # # (Gives you a random number between the first # & the second #
  • `flirt (Hoss will bring his A game)
  • `insult (Hoss will provide a sick burn)
  • `rps (Rock Paper Scissors)
  • `nerdfight (rock paper scissors lizard spock)
  • `eightball (Ask a yes or no question, get an answer. Maybe)
  • `color (Random color selected)
  • `flare (For the Solar Flare event, Hoss will inform you of what your oc's vibe is up to.)