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Setting Edit

Step City is an original, modern SciFi setting in which dance is power. Set on the remote island of Step City, a massive science experiment gone terribly right has created a battlefield of super powered dancers obsessed with music and breaking it down.

Order has been lost and crime has taken over over the city; battling for supremacy are the two most powerful factions, the Funk Mafia and the UG. Caught in between are Squares, a group of unaligned and non-dancing citizens, and Roller Banditos, who ignore the rules of the island.

Basic Info Edit


  • Sold to potential inhabitants as an incredible housing project of the future!, Step City began as a secret science experiment conducted on it's citizens. An island surrounded by ocean, the city was completely cut off from the world roughly 20 years before the RP. (Timeline)
  • Just after the island was cut off, an event known to all as V-Day caused many citizens to gain magical abilities (known as Vibe) completely unique to each individual, as well as a fanatical love of dance. Individuals gravitate to specific dance and music styles. The cause is still active- those born after V-Day are still affected. (More on Vibe)
    • Vibe and dance feed each other. Strong vibe users have innately good musical & dance ability. Proficient users of Vibe are known as Steppers, while those unlucky few who are completely unable to use Vibe or dance are called Jamdeaf, and are on the bottom rung of society.
    • Anything with the ability to register sound can be affected by vibe- this includes animals and certain machines.
  • Step City's main conflict stems from the ongoing struggle between the Funk Mafia (led by Don Nina) and the UG (led by Steve O Rizzle) for supremacy over the Island. One of the greatest ongoing causes of the tension between the two factions are residual grudges from the War of 99, a single day, incredibly brutal city-wide war in which both Faction's founders perished along with a vast portion of the city's population.
    • Characters do not need to be aligned with a faction. Unaligned characters are knows as Squares, and may find their lives more difficult as second class nobodies. Dancers who are found cheating are branded Roller Banditos, and are pariahs within the city. (More on Factions)
  • Conflicts within the city are settled through dance or music battles known as throwdowns. For friendly matches, a neutral judge (city provided DJ Bot) will decide the victor and award monetary prizes, known as Cred. Otherwise, the two parties will dance until one side concedes, is put out of commission, or is killed. Stakes, if any, are offered at the beginning of each match. (More on Throwdowns)
  • The city is separated into 3 districts: Purple, Orange, and Grey. Purple is claimed by the Funk Mafia, Orange by the UG, and Grey, also known as the Square or Research district, is the unkempt haven of the unaligned. (Map)
  • The technology of Step City is extremely advanced, maintaining the city infrastructure, providing food and medical services for the population, as well as judging and moderating dance battles.
    • Robots includes Mr. Vendies, which provides basic food and clothes, Dr. Vendies, which provide miraculous healing to those who can pay, and DJ Bots, which provide music, moderation, and monetary prizes for throwdowns between steppers. (More about Vendies)
    • Vendies require money, known as Cred, to perform all but the most basic functions. Without cred, Mr. Vendies will only provide water and vendy bars, a super gross and nearly inedible food bar containing just enough energy to sustain life. Without cred, Dr. Vendies will only provide minimal assistance to those on the verge of death.

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