Let's do the Timewarp

The Flashback event started in September 2012 and is currently ongoing.

Although the Solar Flares have finally ceased, there are still odd happenings in the city...

The citizens are plagued with dreams and visions of the past. They see, in vivd detail, events from the past 30 years.

Life before vibe...

Or when vibe was new...

Or wartime...

Event NotesEdit

  • Mark the year your threads take place somewhere in the entry or in the title.
  • Past events should take place around important Timeline events. If you would like clarification about timeline events, send a question to the Step City blog for a detailed answer. (Or ask in chat if it is a small question)
  • All past events should take place in Step City for the majority of the time. (So a thread about someone coming to Step City from their previous homeland would be acceptable, but not a whole thread outside of the city)
  • It is not necessary to use framing devices in your threads- you can begin immediately in the past without having to show your character is asleep or anything. However, if your thread veers from what is canonical, you may make it 'just a dream'.
  • The nature of the flashes are unclear. They may simply be in a person's mind, or the effects might even make physical changes (de-age!). Pockets of reality could warp around a flash victim so that other steppers are pulled in, or conflicting flashes could clash! It's open ended! Have fun!

While flares are over, please continue any unfinished plots involving that event. You may not start new Flare plots.

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