• Full Name: Bree Robbins
  • Nick Name: 8- bit, Eight
  • Gender: boy
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Works at an arcade but makes most of her money by taking bets
  • Faction: UG


Eight was trained from an early age in serveral different dance styles but never kept up practice with classier things. He took up working at an arcade and over time adapted his vibe to reflect the machines he was around all day. 


Eight has a high energy level. He is happy where he is at and doesnt know what his future goals are, he focuses on the now and the party. He is a heavy club goer, loves noise, excitement, games and tomfoolery. 

Dance \ Vibe styleEdit

Eight favors pop n lock, robot, and breakdance over others. However if the situation arises he will recall upon his old trainings to pull something off. But lets hope he doesnt have to touch any of those sissy dances again. 

NanoTech Vibe- Eight wears a body suit of nanotech that he can manipulate to change light, and color. By default it looks like sand but he has perfected it to look like data and pixels that he constructs into arcade game styled plateforms and objects. 

Character RelationshipsEdit

Funk Mafia

General: Look at all the stuck up mafasos I should mess with them and fuck up their shit yeah!

The UG


General:  She enjoys their company in the arcade and finds most of them to be very chill and easy to get along with. She has found herself in a game od stealing tag with them. They take things and she takes them back, and vise versa. 


General: Leaves sassy graffitii messages in Square teritory. Pitys them but still theives and wrecks their shit. She doesnt beleive people who say they are 'square by choice'. 

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Not a robot but covered in enough nano tech to be mistaken for one.

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