Duke Profile2

Player: Tang
Name: Duke (real name unknown)
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs

Theme Song:

[Good Intent ]

[Rising Tower ]

Occupation: None (covert serial killer)
Faction: Funk Mafia


Duke doesn't want to discuss this with anyone. (More later...)


  • Acts cool and suave with strangers, especially steppers.
  • Will act especially gentleman-like around those he feels would be good potential targets.
  • Stubborn and self-centered; extremely unyielding. It would take a lot to try and sway his opinions.
  • Can lose his temper quite easily if things don't go his way (and usually goes into demon form unintentionally).
  • Doesn't take jokes lightly.

Dance \ Vibe styleEdit

Through his teenage years, he's taken up modern jazz as his main dancing style and has danced his heart out ever since. Though he does have knowledge of other styles of dance, he chooses not to dance with others anymore. For personal reasons.

He believed that he was Jamdeaf throughout most of his life, because whenever he would dance, no vibe would activate. Even though he had the ability to dance, he was constantly called a Jamdeaf, and it became something that was frustrating to deal with.

[Sample dance visual]


Demonic Transformation

  • Duke has the ability to change his physical form with demon physiology
  • His default form is only half of his original full transformation. His full demon form has been nullified by a particular past event and continuous consumption of vibe essences.
  • Is prone to being uncontrollable, even destructive. Harvests vibe essences to help contain it.
  • Uses this form to kill his victims, using his claws.

Vibe Essence Leech

  • Was not a vibe that he originally had; gained through the same particular past event. Absorbs vibe essences in order to control his demon transformation vibe.
  • Vibe essences, in this definition, are basically souls of steppers and the entity of a steppers vibe, not the actual ability.
  • Can only harvest vibe essences once the host has been dead.
  • Often consumes vibe essences with jive to make the nullifying effects last longer. (One essence lasts about 1-2 weeks before replenishing.)

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • "Works" alongside Duchess and his boss at their small electronics business. It's unknown what he actually does there. (Probably nothing...)
  • Because he doesn't have a formal job, he has been sneaking a majority of the funds from the business's safe. They still do not know of this...
  • Main targets are intoxicated female and homosexual male steppers (no jamdeafs) at bars and nightclubs.
  • Will also target witnesses or those who know of his crimes regardless of faction.
  • Dispite his seductiveness and bisexual advances towards his targets, Duke is not interested in any sort of sexual relations.