As with many large, isolated populations, diseases that are unique to Step City have evolved. Unfortunately, with the exposure to the vibe frequencies, the diseases have developed in very peculiar ways..

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Disco Lung

Disco Fever

The Thriller Virus (Infected are known as Thrillers)Known Cure

  • Infected loses the ability to generate their own vibe and gains the ability to steal Vibe from others.
  • Skin gradually becomes discolored and splotchy. Eyes become yellow and pupils become slitted, and will gradually begin to glow.
  • Infected is no longer satiated by food and must absorb Vibe to survive
  • Varying levels of violence and insanity depending on how long the victim has been infected and how 'hungry' they are.
  • Infected will be more inclined to performing the Thriller dance

The Thriller Virus is a disease that was unleashed onto the Step City during X100 on the population by one of the few remaining STEP scientists. The virus was designed to disable vibe powers completely, but it did not work as intended, and instead launched a rockin' zombie plage. Though initially unaffected by Dr. Vendys, a cure was developed and the epidemic passed.

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