• Full Name: Diana Das
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Occupation: Miss OPP
  • Faction: UG



Dance \ Vibe styleEdit

Diana considers herself an expert at krumping, buckin/jookin and jerkin, with a strong base in bellydancing and Bollywood-style choreography. Think big hair makes a statement? Diana's hair makes a lot more than that. She's got locks longer than she is tall, and as strong as nylon rope without any help from her Vibe powers. When her Vibe is activated, you'd better watch out for that "playful" hair flip, because that mane will either create a blast of wind powerful enough to knock even the biggest brute off his feet, slice and dice anything it comes in contact with, or whip the hell out of you. The type of attack depends on the type of dance she's doing, since her main strength is variety. Krumping will bring about the sloppier, wider attacks like the gusts of wind, while more refined moves like jooking or bellydancing bring about the whip-and-knife effects.

And just because you know the source of her power doesn't make it easy to remove that source. Her hair is its own entity and can practically think for itself, meaning it will do whatever it takes to stay on its owner's head. Go ahead, try getting near it with those fancy shears.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit