Rubix Logo

"A neutral establishment"

A recently-opened club located on the fringe of the square distict, near Lightning Street for your convenience!


The interior is that of a very modern lounge. Rubix incorporates simple geometric design in all of the decor, very much reflective of it's namesake. It's design is largely in neutral tones, but is playfully lit with accent lighting invoking all faction colours to some degree - all hidden in everything from the table's undersides to the walls. The dance floor of course, features classic disco panels reminiscent of a rubick's cube.

It's the sort of place you could casually show up in jeans to, or look just as appropriate arriving in a suit. Either are welcome, so long as you wear shoes.

Club Loyalties and RulesEdit

Rubix is first and foremost a neutral club. Patrons may show their appreciation by spending their money there, or by anonymous donations. Other forms of patronage are not accepted: Mr. Tobias intends for the business to remain neutral, as he is himself, and so does not wish for private funding to introduce any faction sway.

All fights, dance fights involving vibe or regular fisticuffs, must be taken outside. This is regardless of factions involved. Anything off the sidewalk is outside of Rubix's authority. Anyone violating this rule twice is barred from re-entering the club permanently.

Music and Operating HoursEdit

Mr. Tobias prides on Rubix's variety of live musicians - some are regular employees of the club, others can apply to perform single gigs. The music caters to a variety of themes just as the club caters to a variety of Clientele. (Those applying for singular gigs, it is required you provide your own equipment.)

Rubix operates as a lounge between 10am-6pm and the music reflects this. Parties, theme nights, and louder music begin after 6pm, and continues onward until 3am. Rubix operates every day of the week, though Mr. Tobias is unavailable on Mondays and Tuesdays. Club hours are reduced from 10am to 10pm on these days.

The Staff

Club owner: Mr. Tobias prefers to remain only the owner, but will quickly become "bouncer" if individuals decide to fight on his property. Thankfully, he is very slow to lose his temper. He also occasionally assists with bartending and customers are more than welcome to chat.

A few staff members are former employees of the club Eclipse, though many have used the anonymity of their last workplace's uniforms to avoid this being obvious.

Regular musicians include: William Cross on piano.

Bartending: Teo (npc), Mr. Santiago

others to be added.

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