An early-days RP. Ardette puts Reginald in his place. (Short and sweet complete)

Initial Setting

At the Conservatory.

<Ardette>: good thing Ardette is an ice queen who doesn't like to share her personal space if she can help it

<Reginald>: lol well good thing for her. 

<Reginald>: He'd probably disagree

<Ardette>: Disagree on what?

<Reginald>: disgree that it's a good thing she's an ice queen

<Ardette>: HAH

Ardette I've found my niche, and it works for me.

Reginald I still think I could get you to lighten up a little.

Ardette It's cute that you think that.

Reginald I think it'll be a fun challenge.

Ardette It's cute that you think that, too.

Reginald Ha ha, well, we'll see who cries uncle first.

Ardette That sounds like a threat.

Reginald You seem to think a lot of the things I say are threats.

Ardette I learn from negative stimuli. It's an evolutionary advantage. You have it too, somewhere. 

Reginald That might be why I'm quick to correct you in your thinking that I'm threatening you.

Ardette ...said the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Reginald chuckles, "This wolf doesn't have that much bite in him anymore, but believe what you must."

Ardette "I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be insulted that I've become your personal project."

Reginald raises his eyebrows at her, "Is that what you think?"

Ardette smiles at him politely. "Yes, Santiago, that's exactly what I think."

Reginald "I thought it would end up being something... mutually beneficial."

Ardette "What, like me sleeping with you?" To the point, as always. 

Reginald laughs, half covering his face again. He really can't think of a good enough comeback for that one.

Ardette keeps going, nonchalantly, as though he hasn't just burst out into (what she hopes is) embarrassed laughter. "Because that would be a challenge, but I can promise you, it wouldn't be fun."

Reginald "Well, now what am I supposed to think after you've just planted the idea? It's like you're trying to tempt me."

Ardette faces him and nods sagely, like a scolding mother. "But I know you would never try anything, because I know that you know that I'm too smart for that, and you respect me too much, and that I can straighten out your insides faster than you can say 'god help me.'"

Reginald cocks his head at her, his face only slightly flushed now, but still smirking at her smugly, "But you wouldn't blame a guy for trying, would you?"

Ardette scrunches her nose at him, giving him a little grimace of a smirk. "Goodbye, Santiago." Ending this conversation before you regret it. 

Reginald "Until next time, Miss Bombaerts."

Ardette gives him a monumentally unimpressed look, and disappears into her studio. 

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