The adventure where the party met, and stopped the evil Salimandra and her crew of orc pirates


  • Beverly Hackett, Tet’Zal, Dorothy Langston, Ray Langston, Captain Dallatezze


  • Salimandra and her crew of orc pirates (Deceased)

Items Recieved

  • Safewing Emblem (Automatically casts Feather Fall on the wearer when they fall a distance high enough to cause fall damage. One Use) (Vlad )
  • Eye of Truth (+5 perception to spot things. One use of the spell True Seeing.) (Stephanie )
  • Wind Fan (casts Gust of Wind once per day. Can be used again with a stacking 20% chance to destroy the fan) (Bella )
  • Amulet of Teamwork (Aid Another adds +3 instead of +2. User and flanking allies gain a +2 damage bonus against flanked creatures. Once per day, grant yourself and adjacent ally +5 competence bonus to AC for one round.) (Valentine )
  • Fanged Mask (When activated, make a bite attack for 1d6+STR damage, treated as a magic weapon. 3 times a day, on a bite you can have the target make a DC 13 Fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round) (Yuki )
  • A caravel (“The Perception”)
  • Permanent stay at the Snap Dragon
  • 2 cylinders of pogs

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