The Bratva Ballet, located deep in Mafia territory. Seating is exclusively available to members of the Purple. Outwardly, it serves as a venue for quality dancing for those of discerning taste, a place to see and be seen for Mafia elite. Internally, it is rumored to operate something like the Russian Mob...

The Bratva Ballet: Classical Ballet Company, Theatre, and Ballet School, exclusive to the Funk Mafia.

Owned By: The Shafirov-Noverres, Madeleine and Sergei Shafirov-Noverre.

Head Choreographer: Sergei Shafirov-Noverre


Rémi d'Aubigne, Retired Prominent Dancer, now Acclaimed Teacher and Tutor

Other Notable Company Members:

Alexei Shafirov-Noverre, Principle Dancer


The Bratva Ballet, like many theatres, has a season of performances, followed by 'off-season' periods which are used to choose a new lineup of plays for the year and prepare for them. Every Christmas, two winter-themed plays are chosen (usually the Nutcracker and one other, as this is a fan favourite; X100 was the Nutcracker and The Steadfast Tin Soldier (starring Alexei Shafirov-Noverre in the alluded head role).


As with many theatres, the Bratva Ballet is home to the classical ballet company of the same name. Due to the isolated nature of the island, the Bratva Ballet Co. only opens to new applicants very rarely, and usually does so with ballet competitions (again, due to the isolated nature of the island, these are quite small and exclusive to the Funk Mafia, giving priority to students learning at the theatre).

All ballets performed throughout the year at the theatre are hosted and performed by members of the Company, and supplemented by plays performed by the younger classes.


The Bratva Ballet offers a classical schooling structure to young dancers. Like many theatres, their students start very young--usually from the age of six or so--and very few dancers are allowed in at advanced age.

The classes are unisex until age eleven or so, where they are divided into ladies' and boys'. Ladies learn pointe-work, and boys learn strength work and more complicated jumps and lifts.

On the side, due mostly to the stagnant population (but not shortage of dancers, of course), the Bratva offers recreational ballet classes for all ages.