• Full Name:
    Christian Bangalter
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Height
  • Faction:
  • Nationality:


(Herp derp I'm lazy) It is written there:


Shy, quiet, kind of a loner. Very uncomfortable in social situations. Lets himself get pushed and stepped over by people with stronger personalities (i.e: almost everyone). Caring and extremely loyal. Of great intellectual curiosity.

Pretty much only really comfortable when making music.

Vibe styleEdit

Christian is a really timid and awkward Stepper. Safe behind a synthetizer or some turntables, he might get taken by the music and move to the beat but that's about as close ashe usually comes to dancing.

First and foremost a musician, Christian's Vibe powers reveals themselves when he plays. His music affects other people's own Vibes, and may, among other things, boost their Dance Powers. Of course, he still needs to develop and train his abilities, and while he gets the most control when he plays Electronica, unknown and uncontrolled effects may also occur.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

He's under a lot of wraps, but he's not horrifically burned all over the majority of his body! Sweet!

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