• The Aqualux: Funk Mafia Deep Sea Electro Swing Club.

But that's not all, its also the best place to get sea food in the city. They also do some some fantastic desserts but they'd have to be at those prices. ouch.

While the Aqualux used operate during evening hours only, its now opened its doors in the afternoon hours for Official Funk Mafia business and Lunch.

Ground Floor Edit


You have your bar. Prices for drinks have come down as special welcome to new customers since Miss Nina's promotion to boss status. Most people can afford to buy drinks there, few can afford to get drunk there. Pump purple leather seats line the dance floor and there are fish tanks on nearly every wall. Depending on what time of day you visit you will see some mermaids in Martini glasses flapping around behind the glass. hawt.

The Aqualux mostly plays recorded music but they are known to hold special events where live music is played.

First Floor Edit


The Restaurant. Pricey but delicious. Your more likely to rub shoulders with the Mafia elite up here. Railings are around the edge for you to not miss out on any fancy dancing. The fish tanks here have mirrors in them to give the illusion that its spacer than it actually is. Miss Nina's office is situated here (on the right) although to get there you need to go through a staff entrance on the ground floor.