Applying a characterEdit

  • Once you have come up with a character design for Step City, you need to post a mini application in the Mini App Thread. This comment requires a portrait of the character in full color, the character's name, age, faction and a description and/or history. If the character has an occupation, such as DJ, barkeeper, doctor, etc, put that as well. You are free to use a second comment if necessary.
  • Wait for a moderator to accept your character before participating. SUPERFUNK and Steve-o-Rizzle have authority to accept any characters. If your character was not accepted, you may send an email to if you wish to discuss why. Also see below for more information about acception/rejection.
  • Once your character is accepted, you may make a full entry for them and put them in the Step City Apps tag. (Technically they're full profiles and not 'apps' but hey, apps is a shorter word and the tag draw box is tiny haha). There is a template, but you are free to rearrange or tweak your character profile infomation as you see fit.
  • Congratulations! You are now ready to bust a move!

What qualities are you looking for in acceptable characters?Edit

  • Medium art skill and experience in Tegaki. This includes but is not limited to decent knowledge of proportion, shading, and coloring.
  • If the Tegaki account you are applying with is light on content or new, we would love to see a link to another tegaki account or other gallery site, if you happen to have one. If you are totally new to Tegaki, please get acquainted with using it before applying.
  • Experience in other Tegaki RPs is helpful but not an absolute requirement.
  • Should go without saying, but the character should fit in with the dance theme. Singers and other relevant musical talents are welcomed as well, but some dancing skill will be required for any characters who intend to fight or compete.
  • Population may be a consideration if there is an imbalance. Overpopulated factions may be temporarily closed until things balanced out. It is important for The Funk Mafia and the UG to be balanced. The other factions numbers are not quite as important as long as they do not outnumber the Mafia or UG.

My app was not accepted. Now what?Edit

  • You may contact us at if you wish discuss it.
  • If your were not accepted because your character was not deemed an appropriate fit to the RP, you may app again with any necessary revisions to design or a new character.
  • If you were not accepted because of your art skill and/or tegaki experience was not high enough, you may reapp after at least a month has passed.
  • Step City does not accept humanoid furries or animal characters. (Characters may own normal pets, however)